This page provides general information about the settlement.created webhook and the data that come with it.

idString (UUID)A unique identifier for the settlement report.
gross.amountStringThe total amount withdrawn from the merchant balance.
gross.currencyStringThe currency of the gross amount.
fee.amountStringThe fee amount for the settlement.
fee.currencyStringThe currency of the fee amount.
net.amountStringThe net amount of the settlement which is gross minus fee.
net.currencyStringThe currency of the net amount.
payout.amountStringThe amount expected to be received from the merchant.
payout.currencyStringThe currency of the payout amount.
account.labelStringThe label of the account to which the settlement was paid out.
createTimeString (DateTime)The UTC date and time at which the settlement report was created.

Please find the available Withdrawal webhook events and their payload examples in continuation:


Event name: settlement.created

This event is sent once the requested settlement has been created.

  "id": "1a0cf5d2-8f5d-4608-a7d5-f55d5a13fc24",
  "gross": {
    "amount": "999.99",
    "currency": "EUR"
  "fee": {
    "amount": "16.05",
    "currency": "EUR"
  "net": {
    "amount": "983.94",
    "currency": "EUR"
  "payout": {
    "amount": "7342.81",
    "currency": "DKK"
  "account": {
    "label": "International test"
  "createTime": "2023-09-20T13:23:53.052Z"