Once a Payment Intent is created it is possible to make a payment transaction to that PaymentIntent in one of the available cryptocurrencies. While the Read Currencies endpoint allows you to fetch the list of all available cryptocurrencies for a specific PaymentIntent, the Create quote endpoint allows you to retrieve a quote in the selected cryptocurrency for the specific Payment Intent.

The quote object in the response of this endpoint tells you how much of the chosen cryptocurrency needs to be transacted in order to successfully complete the PaymentIntent. Additionally, it also provides you with address where the cryptocurrency funds need to be sent.
You can find this and other response examples on the right side of this page.

refundAddress is optional and if not provided, the end-user will be (automatically) asked to provide the refund address via email in cases of incorrect payments.
If the refundAddress is provided, the end-user will be automatically refunded to the provided address in case the payment is not successful.

refundTag is necessary only for specific cryptocurrencies that use the destination tag technology like for example Stellar (XLM). You can read more about the destination tags here.

Make sure the Payment Intent ID is provided as the path parameter, along with the mandatory currency body parameter.

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