Coinify provides a hosted checkout user interface to enable the customer to make a payment regarding a specific PaymentIntent. Use the GET HTTP verb and redirect the customer to the paymentWindowUrl which is received in the successful response of this endpoint.

If you prefer not to use the Coinify checkout interface, you have the option to construct your own. When you create a PaymentIntent, the endpoint will return a Payment Intent ID. This ID can then be used to call our GET payment-intent endpoint, which will provide you with all the data points associated with the payment intent. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in how you handle payment intents in your application.

To preselect a cryptocurrency before/without redirecting your customer to the Payment Window, use the create a quote endpoint for the preferred cryptocurrency, and then redirect the end-user to the related paymentWindowUrl.



A Payment Intent must have a quote created for it so that the relevant payment information is returned (amount and address destination).

Successful Response

idstringThe ID of the newly created PaymentIntent.
paymentWindowUrlstringThe URL to redirect the customer in order to use Coinify's payment window.
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