This endpoint allows you to receive all the transaction that occurred within a single settlement.

Response Overview

In this section, the properties of the transactions array are described.

	"transactions": [Transaction]

Transaction Interface

merchantIdString or NULLThe ID of the merchant.
merchantNameString or NULLThe name of the merchant.
subaccountIdString or NULLThe ID of the subaccount.
subaccountNameString or NULLThe name of the subaccount.
referenceIdString or NULLA unique identifier for the transaction reference type.
referenceTypeString (Enum)A curated list with all available reference types of the transactions.
See below the Reference Type list for more details.
amountStringThe amount added or deducted from the balance for the specific transaction.
currencyStringThe denomination currency of the amount.
orderIdString or NULLThe orderId of the entity.
customerIdString or NULLThe customer ID.
customerEmailString or NULLThe customer email.
transactionTimeString (DateTime)The UTC DateTime the transaction occurred.


The following table provides the available reference types for a transaction:

adjustmentManual positive or negative adjustment to the balance.
payment_intentBalance increase due to a completed Payment Intent.
payment_intent_refundBalance decrease due to a full or partial refund of a Payment Intent.
payment_intent_refund_feeBalance decrease due to a refund fee incurred for the created refund.
payment_intent_refund_reversalBalance increase due to a refund being cancelled by the merchant.
payment_intent_refund_fee_reversalBalance increase due to a refund fee being cancelled.
withdrawalBalance decrease due to a completed Withdrawal.
withdrawal_reversalBalance increase due to cancellation of Withdrawal.
payout_feeBalance decrease due to the payout.
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