Creating Subaccounts


The Subaccount API endpoint enables you to create multiple subaccount entries, each with a unique name and ID.


The Subaccount functionality is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • If you have multiple stores sharing a single API key
  • If you are a Payment Service Provider (PSP) using a single API key for multiple Merchant stores.

By utilizing Subaccounts, you can easily track the origin of specific payments, helping with accounting and providing a comprehensive performance overview for each store/merchant.

Also worth noting is that the subaccount namerelated to the subaccountId provided on the PaymentIntent creation is displayed on the Payment Window page as well. Here's an example of a Payment Window with the subaccount name Vegetable Shop:

Retrieving Subaccount Information

The subaccount parameter is included in the response of the Read PaymentIntent API, which returns the PaymentIntent resource.

For further details on how to access and utilise Subaccount information, refer to the respective API references mentioned above.