The API provides protected endpoints that require authentication and public endpoints that do not require authentication but are actively monitored.

For the protected endpoints, you need an API Key. Contact Coinify API Support to provide an API Key to you.

All requests to protected endpoints must contain the following header:

X-API-KEY: <api_key>


Making requests from a blocked Jurisdiction:

If you are making requests to our API from a blocked jurisdiction, make sure to include the API Key in the header of all your requests, both for public and private API endpoints.



The API Key has the following format: <environment>_<uuid>, where the environment is sandbox for our testing environment and production for production usage.

For example,

X-API-KEY: sandbox_ac81bcf0-5f17-46d2-9bc9-50c7331c5c6c
X-API-KEY: production_6cc917b2-800d-4e04-aef1-7c2465122110

All public endpoints do not require an authentication header.